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ComforTrack Plus

With the cost of heating your home rising, you need all the help you can get to keep the warm air in and the cool air out. Close the Gap! With ComforTrack™ Plus from Comfortex you can close the gap between the shade and window to stop the energy leaks that unnecessarily inflate your heating bills.

• ComforTrack Plus has three levels of defense against the energy gap:

Sidetrack - along the side of the shade

Flex Seal - behind the Sidetrack

Foam Seal - above the head rail

• Symphony Blackout Shades offer great insulation. However, when you add ComforTrack Plus you get an additional 40% reduction in your energy loss.

• ComforTrack Plus is available with Comfortex Energy Smart Fabrics:

Symphony® Light Filtering and Blackout Double Honeycomb

Virtuoso® Light Filtering and Blackout Single Honeycomb

Metro™ Flame Resistant Double Honeycomb

• Specially designed bottom rail end caps fit over the sidetracks and allow for smooth movement when raising and lowering the shade.

• ComforTrack Plus is available in 2 sidetrack colors to compliment window moldings: white or brown.

• ComforTrack Plus Hardware Options (Inside Mount Only):

Standard Rectangular

Top Down - Bottom Up (Duofold)

O mni-Rise™ Continuous Cord Loop System

• ComforTrack Plus improves light control and enhances privacy by closing side light gaps between the shade and window frames. When combined with Symphony Blackout Cellular shades, virtually all incoming light is blocked, including damaging UV radiation.

• Sidetracks are attached to windows with magnets and can be removed to make use of tilt-in windows for cleaning.